Click here for the step by step powerpoint with updated information as of 2015, as presented at the February 2015 PRO lunch meeting.


The below information is a directly copied (with modifications/updates) from the previous version of DFWpsych. It is still mostly accurate and following it will likely result in licensure. It is preserved here for reference.

Applying for a Texas Medical License

Helpful hint: Put the department address as your address, otherwise your home address will appear when people search for you on the TMB and DEA websites, and you’ll have to notify the TMB, DPS and DEA every time you move.

  • The department address is: 5323 Harry Hines Blvd, Suite NC5.804, Dallas, TX 75390-9070, Phone: 214-648-7369, Fax:214-648-7370.


  1. Go to the Texas Medical Board website
  2. Click on Licensing
  3. Under Physicians, click on Full Texas Medical License
  4. Click on Application
  5. Complete online application ($835)
  6. Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exam ($58)– Apply at After you submit your TML application and pay application fee, you will receive scheduling permit to take the exam. 
  7. Check you status on LIST (License Inquiry System of Texas). You can also send & receive messages to TMB and keep track of your To-Do list.
  8. Documents that need to be completed and mailed are as follows:
    • Copy of birth certificate or passport (can be expired)
    • Form D (Dean’s certification)has to be submitted by medical school in unopened envelope w/ signature of medical school official across outside flap
    • Form L (Physician Licensure Evaluation) – once you have completed the top portion, give form to Lucy so Dr. Brenner can complete his portion
    • Self query ($5)Go to You will have to print out a form, complete it, have it notarized, and then mail it in before query will be done. You will receive two separate reports in the same envelope (don’t open). Mail them both to the TMB.
    • Exam transcripts for Steps 1,2,3 ($71) – Go to Click on Licensure, then transcripts. 
    • Fingerprinting ($41)
    • You do not need medical school transcript if U.S. graduate
  9. Wait! After all your materials are submitted, it takes approximately 4-8 weeks. Physician License Issuance Dates
  10. After you receive your Texas Medical License Number, you will need to REGISTER the license within 90 days of its issuance date – ($284.94 for 1 year, $452 every 2 years)
  11. DEA License – ($731)
  12. Triplicates($11.35, includes tax) for 1 pad of 100 scripts
  13. Complete the Buprenorphine training class (consists of online modules & class instruction). This is usually scheduled as part of didactics so everyone attends together. After successful completion, you will receive an email with a survey. Complete the survey to receive additional instructions on how to submit your certificate to be able to prescribe Buprenorphine. Ultimately, you will need to complete an NOI form and then submit your Half and Half course completion certificate via email to or fax to 301-576-5237.  (This information is all included in the email).
    1. Of note, you cannot submit the certificate until you have an actual DEA number.

DPS Registration: From September 1, 2016 and onward, you no longer need to apply for DPS registration.

  • Email or call 512-424-7293 and request the application form (NAR-77). They will email you a pdf and additional instructions.
  • Your signature must be in BLUE ink.
  • Write NEW in the left margin.
  • Mail it to the address listed in the form. It takes about 3 weeks to get your certificate mailed. You can call after 1-2 weeks and they will tell you your number and expiration date over the phone. You will need this info before applying for your DEA number.

DEA Registration:

  • After you have your Texas Medical License,  you can apply for your DEA.
  • Go to and click the link for new applications and fill out the online form.
  • You should received your DEA certificate in about 3 weeks.


  • You should have an option to order triplicates when applying for your DPS.
  • Info about ordering triplicates separately from the DPS application is –