PRO is the UTSW Psychiatry Resident’s Organization. PRO’s mission is to brighten and enrich resident’s lives.

All UTSW Psychiatry residents & interns are automatically members of PRO. The leadership of PRO is served by two co-presidents, who are also PGY-3 class representatives. PRO Presidents are elected by their peers annually

The PRO Webmaster is a person or team responsible for designing and maintaining the website in service of the organization. The webmaster acts as a liaison with the PRO leadership in creating appropriate content for the site, as well as resolving technical issues and ensuring smooth operation.

Current PRO Presidents (2017-2018):

Jonathan Coker, MD

Jordan Fernandez, MD

Current PRO Webmaster team (2017 – 2018):

Yolan Shaw, MD (Webmaster)

Veronica Perez, MD

Previous PRO Webmasters/Design & content:

Gus Zhang, MD (Webmaster emeritus, 2014-2016)

Rachel Wright, MD (Design & content)

To contact the PRO Presidents or Webmaster, please click here

Former PRO Presidents:

Whitney Smith, MD (2017-2018)

Jie Xu, MD, PHD (2017-2018)

Natalie Ramirez, MD (2015-2016)

Ran Friedman, MD (2015-2016)

Matan White, MD (2014-2015)

Rebecca Wehrly, MD (2014-2015)

Rosemary Wright, MD (2013-2014)

Cameron Culver, MD (2014-2014)

Fred Gioia, MD (2012-2013)

Gayle Ayres, DO (2012-2013)